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What Do You Know about Honor Societies - Know These Basic Facts

An honor society is described as a preeminent organization that aims to recognize the success of its members and to empowering members to achieve in their fields and other activities. An honor society therefore is further described as not your average or regular honors organization. 

History tells that honor societies have played an important and integral role in the so-called on-campus experience when you study in universities. For more than two centuries, honor societies have been recognized by different universities in the United States. In our recent times, the objectives and role of an honor society are to provide recognition in the academic and professional aspects of members who are high-achievers, and also to establish networks in the professional and social contacts for their members. Thus, the scope and coverage of the goal of an honor society would go beyond the college years or after college years of members in order to help them develop into the best professionals that they could be. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honor_Award

Note that you are to view an honor society as not your average honors organization. Here, they encourage achievements not only in academic, but also opportunities are provided to members so that their leadership skills will develop, and could help change positively their communities, and also to prepare them in their future endeavors like internship, post graduate school, career, and so on. In the process, members will be able to make valuable connections that will help them and will last a lifetime.  check it out!


On top of being recognized, being a part of a network, have career resources, develop in their leadership skills, and have guidance or support in social service, the members in an honor society can apply for exclusive awards and scholarships. In this case, members will have access to different kinds of development tools for career that normally a student will have to pay for. Furthermore, members in an honor society will be helped to be able to get discounts and deals on necessary things like health and dental insurance, textbooks and others.

Usually, membership costs only $50 of which these dues will be used to license some services, to provide technology in social networking, and to select scholarship opportunities. Know that honor society was founded on the basis as a technology and as a benefit driven society. Note also that membership is by invitation only, and this would mean you have met the academic, class and ranking that are required, or have received a nomination to be invited.

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